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for Peace and Freedom
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339 Lafayette St., NYC, NY10012; tel/fax: 1 (212) 533-2125

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Our Branch newsletter is published 10 times a year, monthly most of the year with two issues in the summer. It is mailed to our membership via post and available here online in a PDF format. The pages are 8.5" x 14", U.S. Legal. We are currently seeking foundation grants and sponsors, writers and editors for our newsletter.

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May/June 2002

Peace is Patriotic: April 20th in DC
Our Constitutional Rights and Protections on Trial:
     Judi Bari v. FBI
Remembering the Peace Train
Metro Receives RESIST Grant
A Call for In Kind Gifts
Coalition and Cooperation: Rockaway WILPF and NAACP
WILPF Rockaway Protest April 15th Against War Taxes
Corporate Campaign Report: Reaching Out and Building!
Park Slope Corporate Study Class Going Full Steam
WILPF U.S. Statement on the Situation in the Middle East
-- this is a one page, legal (8.5"X14")-sized
version suitable for reproduction.

March/April 2002 WILPF NY Metro Hosts Panel at Bracht Forum's
     Racism Conference at NYU
Jane Gould Honored
WILPF in Action
Announcement: WILPF U.S. Section Triennial Congress
Calendar of Events
February 2002

USA PATRIOT Acti Unravels Civil Rights
WILPF Campaign Updates
Lori Berenson's Conviction Upheld
Democracy Now Back on the Air at WBAI!
WILPF Women in the News
Biography of Jane Addams
Special Thanks and Best Wishes
Sometimes the WILPF Newsletter is Delayed
Wish List
Calendar of Events

January 2002
- December 2001

ON HIATUS (due to maternity leave)
November 2001 USA Strategy Summit Sets Historic Record
Durban Conference Report Back
About WILPF NY Metro Members
Peace Activities
In Memoria
Inside WILPF NY Metro
Calendar of Events
September 2001 WILPF Joins Coalition Protesting WTO Meeting
Preliminary Report of our Database Evaluation
New Volunteers and Changes in Personnel at NY Metro
Democracy Now Taken Off Air at WBAI-Pacifica Radio
Update on WILPF's Coordinator
WILPF Mourns Two Special Women
Calendar of Events
July - August 2001 WILPF Sending Delegation to UN Racism Conference
Test Ban Treaty Conference at UN in September 2001
WILPF Daughter Arrested at Star Wars Protest in CA.
Call for Auditions: Raging Grannies Singing Group
Membership Survey Begins... Who is WILPF NY Today?
WILPF NY Metro Forming Coordinating Council
Office Reorganization News
Very Special Thanks: AJ Muste Institute
Calendar of Events
May - June 2001

Bush Expands Missile Defense and Pushes Nuclear Power
Celebrating One Year of Monthly Publication
Globalization Forum at CWE Organized by WILPF Interns
Defend Free Speech and Labor Rights: Save WBAI
Office Reorganization News: Copier Dismantled
Calendar of Events

April 2001 Racial Justice Conference Report
Invitation to WILPF's 86th Anniversary Celebration
Remembering Helene Fox
8th Annual Women Fighting Poverty Conference: A Success
WILPF Seminar on Globalization at
      Center for Worker Education
Calendar of Events
March 2001

NOW Honors Anne Florant
NY Metro WILPF Conference entitled
      Racial Justice: A 21st Century Agenda
NY Metro WILPF Co-Hosts Budget Training with WAND
Weekly Brown Bag Report
Calendar of Events

February 2001 WILPF Metro Needs Your Help ..... Now!
Teach In at WBAI a Success!
Reflections: A Black History Month
Susan Rosenberg is Free!
Oral History Project Planned
Calendar of Events
January 2001 WILPF NY Metro Teach-In on WBAI at NYU
Metro Holiday Party A Success
Report from the Wednesday Brown Bags
Global Women's Strike - May 8, 2001
Calendar of Events
December 2000 AVAILABLE SOON
November 2000 Open Letter to the Branch Membership
      from Stephanie Fraser
Letter from the Branch Chair Molly Klopot
UFORJE Campaign Underway
Join WILPF's Sustainer Group
Calendar of Events
September 2000

WILPF NY Metro Seminar on NMD at New School
Final Report from DNC and RNC
NY Metro Update
Calendar of Events
August 2000 R2K Report of Actions
WILPF Day of Action in DC
WILPF Statement in DC
A Question of the Day
Brief Update on Lori Berenson
Campaign Reports
Sustainer Group Update
Miscellaneous Items
Calendar of Events
July 2000 National Missile Defense
R2K -- The Republicans in Philly
August 1st Day of Action in DC
Globalization Study Group
National Globalization Workshop in Cape Cod
UFORJE Planning for Fall Event
Protesting the Death Penalty
WILPF Metro Disarmament Chair Speaks
      to Rockaway Branch
Calendar of Events
June 2000 Celebrating 85 Years of WILPF
Nuclear Disarmament Talks at the UN
Stop Star Wars -- No Weapons in Space or on Earth
Mumia Abu-Jamal Update
Sustainer Fund Update
Miscellaneous Items
Calendar of Events