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membership development project

Over the course of the last year, the New York Metropolitan Branch of WILPF has been conducting an ongoing membership development project.

This project includes a major computer database clean up, outreach to the list to bring their membership status up-to-date, the development of social activities to get our membership in touch with each other and a survey of our membership to determine our collective skills and interests.

The database is in excellent shape. Vicki Rovere, author of Where to Go: A Guide to Public Toilets in Manhattan, has been stewarding the list and is doing a great job. Although people skilled in Access are always in need! So, come and volunteer.

Regarding bringing membership status up-to-date, this is coming along, too. Through a number of articles in our monthly newsletter, and a personalized notation to each one in a newletter issue in the Fall of 2001, we have contacted each person on our database. We will continue this effort and bring more people into current member status. By the way, the membership development work has yielded scores of new members, the renewal of many more and good personal contact with many longtime members of WILPF.

Over the last year there were a number of events held in the homes of members -- social events which all had a unique flare and memorability. There are social events being planned now. Contact the office to involve yourself in one! Our telephone is (212) 533-2125 or .

And last... the membership survey. It has been nearly impossible to arrange a telephone survey of the list... So to expedite things a bit...

This last part is where you, our Branch member, come in: please send us an email with some details of your interests. (Don't write a paper, necessarily, just bullet point-style or summaries.*)

This is the kinds of things we want to know:

What is your profession?
Are you retired? Or working? Or looking for work?
Are you interested in the United Nations?
Local politics?
Like to sing?
What other organizations are you interested in?
And if you feel like it... tell us your age and your ethnic identity. (It will help us with grantwriting when a foundation is interested in demographic information.)

Our Branch has activities going on all the time and many things are in the works... what are you interested in doing?


* If you write your story, however, contact us, we would
love to have your story as part of this Branch's website.




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