Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
New York Metropolitan Branch

339 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012 - (212) 533-2125



Uniting for Racial Justice: Truth, Reparations, Restoration, and Reconciliation (UFORJE)

WILPF is mobilizing a coalition of diverse organizations to work for the creation of a racially-just nation and world. We are looking for people who are working on racial and economic justice and peace, or who simply want an opportunity to get involved as far as you can also know from essays https://primeessays.com/

UFORJE events take place around NYC regularly. to get involved! We are Building the Beloved Community, as envisioned by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Challenge Corporate Power: Assert the People's Rights

Rapidly growing corporations, whose primary goal is the increase of shareholder wealth, are undermining democracy. WILPF’s campaign has two equally important goals to combat this usurpation of power: to return economic institutions to their proper role working for the good of society and to reclaim democracy by exploring its meaning, examining our interactions, and practicing truly democratic behavior in our communities. WILPF members are working to abolish “corporate personhood,” studying the rise of corporate power, and helping people understand and challenge the corporate exploitation that affects many facets of our daily lives.

Bring the truth to the people! Knowledge is Power! To this end, WILPF has developed a study curriculum with POCLAD, and study groups are forming now. Call the office for information and the location of a class nearest you! Begin a class yourself!

DISARM! Dismantling the War Economy

WILPF is committed to dismantling the current “war economy,” which is based on the national and international manufacture and sale of nuclear weapons and conventional arms. Through education and public awareness, WILPF works to expose the domination of weapons manufacturers over Washington legislators, the misuse of the federal budget, and the vested interests of US foreign policy.

WILPF New York Metro opposes Bush's war on the world. And while the invasion and occupation of Iraq is the main thrust of our current work, the spector of nuclear weapons remains. Click here to read more about WILPF's work on nuclear disarmament.