Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
New York Metropolitan Branch

339 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012 - (212) 533-2125



The Raging Grannies and their Daughters (WILPF's Singing Troupe) -- The Raging Grannies began in Canada in th late 1980s. Today, WILPF branches across the world have choirs of women singing parodies and satire. The Grannies creatively bring the truth to the people in song and performance. As it has already mentioned in topical narrative essays https://best-writing-service.com/personal-narrative-essay The Grannies's empowerment and action, and their commitment to social justice is an inspiration to many. They are a shining example of the power of grassroots activism and the important role that women play in promoting positive change in the world.

The WILPF Metro branch began the Raging Grannies and Their Daughters in 2000 and have been playing to audiences and at demonstrations and conferences ever since. It's easy to have the Grannies sing at your event. Call the office to schedule a performance.

WILPF in Profile -- Video History Project -- COMING SOON: Listen/Watch excerpts from this new project! -- Our first video profile of Molly Klopot is in production now! Contact the office to get involved and support this exciting new endeavor!


New Campaign Support -- In the past three years, WILPF NY Metro has supported new projects, nurturing the genesis of campaigns by hosting their initial work in our small office

And like children who grow up and move on...

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